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Emergency Preparedness Coalitions


EP Coalitions Brochure cover

In an effort to partner with the community to make Clayton County more resilient to potential disasters, the Clayton County Board of Health established the Clayton County Emergency Preparedness (EP) Coalitions. Composed of private businesses, private and public health officials, churches, volunteer organizations, and mental health providers, EP Coalitions meet regularly in order to address local emergency preparedness, develop effective private-public collaborations and improve resiliency among the county's most vulnerable population segments.

Healthcare Coalition - A partnership between public health, local hospitals, and medical providers focused on addressing mass-care incidents that may overwhelm the healthcare system.

Vulnerable Populations and Shelters Coalition- A network of private and public organizations that can provide assistance, resources, services and shelter following disasters to vulnerable and displaced individuals, particularly young, elderly, indigent, mentally challenged, and non-English speaking persons.

Disaster Mental Health Coalition- A coalition of mental health providers, grief and crisis counselors, and faith-based leaders to ensure the appropriate counseling and support of disaster victims.


What are the Benefits of Joining an Emergency Preparedness Coalition? 

  • Help your community be more resilient by building a trusted coalition focused on the greater good of the community. 
  • Develop relationships with other community groups to leverage resources and meet organizational goals.
  • Create opportunities to educate yourself, your employees, and your coworkers about emergency preparedness.
  • Help build relationships, tolerance, and understanding between various religious, cultural, and community groups.

To learn more about our Emergency Preparedness Coalitions or to sign up your organization, see our brochure .

Join Our Registry

CoREDThe Clayton County - Community Registry of Emergency Donations (CoRED) is an online registry which takes stock of the private and public sector resources and services available to Clayton County during an emergency or disaster. If your business can provide food, water, shelter, translation services, or other supplies to individuals in times of need, please consider sharing them with the CoRED. Sharing is easy and by doing so, you will help strengthen your community. Information saved in the registry may be used to coordinate recovery efforts, depending on the scope of a disaster.

Click here to join the CoRED

Disasters can happen at anytime and can change the face of a community. By joining an Emergency Preparedness Coalition or the CoRED, you can do your part in helping the county and its residents recover.

For more information about how you and your business/organization can get involved, visit www.claytoncountypublichealth.org/emgPrep/


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