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Nuisance Program

Clayton County Environmental Health is not only responsible for health considerations in certain facilities, but we also help ensure that certain outside environmental concerns are monitored. Our office maintains a set of specific Nuisance Regulations for this purpose. The definition of a nuisance according to the Environmental Health Office is whatever is dangerous or detrimental to human health or whatever renders or tends to render soil, air, water, or food either impure or unwholesome. Specific nuisances are defined in the regulations.

The Environmental Health Office has procedures in place to determine if a complaint is valid and if it falls under our jurisdiction. Once we receive the complaint, we will take the proper steps to investigate the possibility of a violation and to ensure that if one is present it is remedied as quickly as possible.

If you would like to file a complaint regarding a possible nuisance violation, please contact our office. We will need at a minimum the street address for the property in question, any other information you have regarding the property owner or renter will be very helpful. Please include your name and contact information so that the environmentalist assigned to your complaint may contact you to ask a few questions regarding the possible violation in order to help with their investigation. If the problem does not fall under our office's jurisdiction, you will be referred to the proper authorities.


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