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Open Records Request

Open Records Documents

The Clayton Board of Health attempts to respond to Open Records Act Requests in the spirit expected of public servants and with the openness the Open Records Act anticipates. The goal is to be as helpful to those who are endeavoring to gain information from the government.

In accordance with the Georgia statue, any copies would be provided at the cost provided for in O.C.G.A. §50-18-71(b). To that end, the costs of any copies would be on the basis of $ .10 per regular page. Also, the requestor is responsible for the time expended beyond the initial fifteen (15) minutes to search for the documents, to retrieve the documents and to copy them or to supervise the requestor's inspection of them, billable at the rate of the lowest salaried full-time employee capable of performimg this task in view of the custodian. 

Please contact The Clayton County Board of Health/Environmental Health department to assist you in obtaining the specific record you are seeking.

Environmental Health Department Clayton County Board of Health

1 Crown Center 1895 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 400

College Park, GA 30349

(678) 610-7469

For other information on open government, you may want to review The Open Meeting Act and the Office of the Attorney General's Frequently Asked Questions on Open Government.