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The Community Registry of Emergency Donations (CoRED)


Connecting private and public community resources.

The Clayton County - Community Registry of Emergency Donations (CoRED) is an online registry which takes stock of the private and public sector resources and services available to Clayton County during an emergency or disaster. If your business can provide food, water, shelter, translation services, or other supplies to individuals in times of need, please consider sharing them with the CoRED. Sharing is easy and by doing so, you will help strengthen your community. Information saved in the registry may be used to coordinate recovery efforts, depending on the scope of a disaster.

Click here to join the CoRED

Disasters can happen at anytime and can change the face of a community. By joining an Emergency Preparedness Coalition or the CoRED, you can do your part in helping the county and its residents recover.

For more information about how you and your business/organization can get involved, visit our Emergency Preparedness page.