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Food Service

Clayton County Health District - Food Service

Restaurant Scores

Environmental Health inspections help protect the public. Click here to search for the inspection scores of establishments near you.

Fee Schedule

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Food Service Applications

Standard Food Service
An application is required for owners who plan to operate a new food service establishment, has assumed new ownership of an existing food service establishment, or owns a facility that is undergoing a major renovation (structural modification to existing floor pan and equipment).

Mobile Food Service (Food Trucks)
Mobile food service units are required to obtain a food service permit for not only the mobile unit, but for their base of operations, as well. For additional information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, below.

The organizer and vendors for a temporary food service event must submit this application 30 days prior to  the event.

Pop-up Food Services
The local health authority will evaluate all permitted food service establishments that wish to participate in “pop up” food service operation to determine if all risk factors can be adequately controlled and food can be properly protected during transport, display, and service.

Georgia Department of Public Health Variance and Waiver Information and Application

Variance and Waver Requests

The Department of Public Health (DPH) upon petition may grant variances and waivers to specific rules and regulations which establish standards for facilities or entities by the department.

Miscellaneous Information