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Clayton County Health District Launches New Website

Jonesboro, GA—Clayton County Health District (CCHD) is proud to announce the release of its brand-new website, which features a modern layout and bright color palette. The organization’s goal for the site is to provide a refined user experience that will help the district’s residents access all that they have to offer. The new site is intuitive and mobile-friendly; whether you are a potential patient, a community partner, on-the-go, or at work, you can now easily navigate through the content to quickly find what you need.

Clayton County Health District is committed to improving the health and safety of its residents through health promotion, prevention and protection. It provides evidence-based and data-driven clinical, environmental and outreach programs, which are supported by its team of nurses, technicians, researchers, educators and beyond. The new website ensures all visitors can readily find the services and information available to them.

Vincent Parris, Clayton’s Public Information Officer, said, “Our work is extensive, and so we feel an improved online presence, specifically our website, is the best way to communicate what we do and how we do it. We were looking for a platform that is easy to update, which is especially crucial in our current pandemic. It is more important now than ever that our residents know we are here for them. This modern, simplified solution will help us build trust, disseminate necessary information, and build a greater connection with our community.”

The overall look and feel of the site support CCHD’s vision of “a place where people are safe, healthy and thriving.” The new design is distinct, with a striking new color scheme that integrates with the Department of Public Health’s red and black palette, and with inviting imagery that reflects Clayton residents. Its intuitive formatting helps visitors understand the breadth of CCHD’s quality health care services and its role within the community. This information is clearly laid out and engages user actions, so they can easily find what they are looking for with minimal clicks.

Clayton County engaged 524 Creative, a full-service marketing agency based in Marietta, to develop the site. Principal Scott Wright said, “We are so impressed with Clayton County’s team. They were a pleasure to work with—dedicated, detailed, and amiable, even while dealing with extraordinary challenges. The entire state is becoming more familiar with the public health process, and we hope this new site will be an invaluable resource for Clayton residents moving forward.”

About Clayton County Health District (CCHD)

The mission of Clayton County Health District is to protect, promote and improve the health of Clayton residents. It offers prevention, or population-based health, services, as well as clinical, personal health, services for children, teens and adults. Through a comprehensive offering of health services, education and outreach programs, CCHD addresses a wide variety of community health issues such as infant mortality, child and youth development, obesity, food safety, infectious diseases and emergency preparedness. Their staff of nurses, environmental health inspectors, nutritionists, dental providers and more work alongside county partners to improve the lives of Clayton residents where they work, play, learn and live.