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COVID-19 Daily Status Report Update

No Daily Update Due to Ongoing Issues with ELR 

Atlanta – Due to ongoing issues with Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR), the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) will not publish an updated COVID-19 Daily Status Report today.

Data for case counts, hospitalizations and deaths come from sources other than ELR, and as such are not impacted by the same problem. The updated numbers for today are:

COVID-19 Status in Georgia 01-06-2022

PCR Cases Total: 1,511,810        (+18,556 since yesterday)

Hospitalizations Total: 96,444       (+203 since yesterday)

Confirmed Deaths Total: 26,523   (+51 since yesterday)

Antigen + Cases Total: 440,945    (+5,257 since yesterday)

Probable Deaths Total: 5,070        (+21 since yesterday)

DPH is actively working to resolve the issue with the COVID-19 testing numbers received through ELR to ensure we are providing accurate and transparent data about COVID-19 in Georgia. We ask for your continued patience as we address this issue.

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